Orchard Crop bin carriers

Orchard Carriers is the original developer of the bin carrier design and they are still the industry leader in providing different models for different or difficult applications.  Only Orchard Carriers has engineered, designed and built such a wide variety of options when it comes to moving large volumes of fruits, nuts and vegetables.  If you are looking for wheel motors or axles, air ride suspensions or springs, low profile or high ground clearance,  tight plantings or open fields, we have done it all.  No one manufactures a bin carrier that is lighter, narrower or quicker.  Each frame is designed to last 30 years.  You may wear out the components but not the frame. Even machines we built in 1969 are still working today.  Have a bruising concern?  Check out the Patent Pending "EASY RIDER",  no one has anything like it, only Orchard Carriers. 



Little Rascal



High Boy

Easy Rider

Usage Orchard Crops Orchard Crops Orchard Crops Orchard Crops Orchard Crops
Standard Bin
6 7 7 6 or 7 7
Optional Bin
- 8 8 8 8
Axle Drive Yes Yes No Optional No
Hydraulic Wheel
Motor Drive
Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
4-Wheel Drive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2-Wheel Steering Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4-Wheel Steering Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Ground Clearance Standard Standard Optional Standard Standard
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