TL Special

As we built these machines for one of our customers, we referred to them as the beast, but we named it for the customer instead.  These are special in every way.  This is the only  bin carrier with a single driver but 2 steering locations,  (9) bin capacity , 5 ton axles with 4 wheel steering, tall tires for additional ground clearance and narrow track in order to fit a specific furrow dimension.  The one driver is centrally located with a pivot seat so they can use either of two steering wheels to navigate in either direction.  The controls are in one location and can be reached regardless of which direction the driver is facing.  This is a very simple design and this bin carrier will give its owner years of high quality dependable service.


8-Bin capacity


with rollers


4 Wheel Steering

single driver location, pivot seat, steer in either direction.

9-Bin capacity


Without rollers


Hydrastatic drive, 125 hp engine


I don’t know how we did without these machines. Cliff and his crew have been great in helping us and the service is dependable.
— Bob Brody